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Benefits of corrugated: sustainable

100 % Natural origin

Corrugated is sustainable by nature. Thanks to its organic content, paper and starch glue, corrugated board is a genuinely natural product.

Contribution to reforestation

European forests are growing. Maintaining healthy forests produces benefits for society and guarantees biodiversity. Furthermore, responsibly managed forests provide an inherently sustainable resource. The European corrugated board industry supports voluntary forest certification systems – a tool to ensure that wood comes from sustainably managed forests!

Completely recyclable

Paper based packaging is 100% recyclable in most cases, becoming new paper again and again. It is an essential resource for the industry as it represents a raw material source.

Paper packaging is one of the most recycled packaging material in the EU with a recycling rate of 81.4% in 2015, based on the European Recovered Paper Council (ERPC) 2015 monitoring report

Easy to dispose of

Because corrugated board is a one-material package, it can be quickly and easily disposed of. It is either pressed into an old-paper bale at the point of sale or folded for space-saving storage until being hauled away. Another advantage of corrugated board packaging is that boxes or trays can be collected without further sorting. Thus, businesses and consumers save valuable time and money.

Corrugated board packaging: Safe & hygienic

A clean new box each time

Corrugated board is the cleanest solution for packaging foodstuffs. Why? Because of very high temperatures applied during the manufacturing process (Corrugated manufacturing process uses heating elements with temperatures between 180 °C and 200 °C. The material itself reaches temperatures of at least 100 °C three times, once during the manufacture of the paper itself, and twice during the process of conversion to corrugated board.).

In addition, each package is used for only one delivery. This is true for fruit and vegetables, as well as bread, eggs, meat products, and other foods. Because with corrugated board, consumers and customers can be sure that every box, tray, and carton is being used for the first time. Guaranteed.

Robust and protective

Corrugated is resistant to shock, impact, dropping and vibration. It can endure the worse treatments without losing any of its incomparable properties.

It is made from a combination of two sheets of paper called liners, glued to a corrugated inner sheet called fluting. These three layers of paper are assembled in a way that gives the overall structure a better strength than that of each distinct layer. This ingenious construction forms a series of connected arches that are well known for their ability to support strong weights. This structure gives corrugated board considerable lightness, rigidity and resistance.

The rigidity and lightness of corrugated packaging really helps to cut costs, while still guaranteeing maximum performance from the material, especially in terms of resistance to vertical compression. That strength to weight ratio is totally unique! In addition, its ingenious construction provides remarkable shock absorption qualities as well as excellent thermal insulation.

Corrugated packaging: a contribution to society

Imagine a world without corrugated?

Imagine a world without corrugated?

The logistic and transport systems would collapse. Handling would be messy, inefficient and costly because products need transport and logistics packaging. Selling products through modern distribution channels would be impossible…

Alternative packaging would not be able to perform the same functions as corrugated in such an efficient way. In most cases, alternative packaging is less space-efficient with possible higher weight and a relative lower choice in sizes. In addition, competitive materials are often made from nonrenewable fossils resources.